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100 Days to Gold

You’ve got BIG dreams! Freedom for your family. Building an ultra-successful business. Winning that competition. Recovering your health.

You KNOW you’re ready to get going – to achieve in ways no one around you will even believe.  

But how do you get started? Just jump in? Spend time researching? Go it alone or hire a coach? If only you’d been taught a SYSTEM for Great Achievement.  

Unfortunately, unless you’ve been lucky enough to learn from a master, you likely have never even considered there may be a skillset for success.  

Sure, there are tons of catchy phrases: Manifestation, positive mindset, crushing SMART goals. There are even gurus out there suggesting you pray your way to success, or speak it into existence through daily mindfulness.  

But what you really need is a track to follow. A tried-and-true system that allows you to take your dreams and values and current circumstances and builds a solid plan you can mirror – all the way to a successful conclusion.  

Well, here it is!

Are you trying to grow your business, but just want to make sure you’re doing ALL the right things?

Do you want to build a new business and want to get off on the right foot? How about sales and revenue? Things kind of stagnant and you could use a shot in the arm to get going again?

There’s got to be something I can do IMMEDIATELY to start growing again! Is your biz on the edge? Feel like giving up? Wonder what you might be doing wrong? How about massive failure? Your business is nearly dead and you just don’t know what to do…

Well, take heart – there is hope! Take the 7 Daily Builds 3-Day Challenge. During this challenge, you’ll completely reset your business, or take it to amazing new heights, by learning the action steps you ABSOLUTELY must take each day to grow your business! If you want to learn exactly where you should be putting your effort and resources, this is the course for you!

You will immediately be able to implement change and growth in your business!
What daily actions you should take each day.
What tasks drive the most new revenue to your business. Gain clarity on your ideal customer, and how to immediately connect with them to increase engagement and sales. How to creatively pivot your product universe and message to make money in any economy. If there is any uncertainty or doubt in your business, or you need clarity in any way, this course is a must-attend for you.

Take action that will impact your bottom line IMMEDIATELY!

7 Daily Builds Business

The 5 Letters

Your Journey to clarity, healing, and lifelong fulfillment starts here, in The 5 Letters!

Each course section represents one of the 5 letters you must write in your life, to fully recognize the traumas in your life, the negative auto-responses you’ve created, and the responsibility you have for living fulfilled, not in spite of, but rather in response to these trauma events.

After laying a solid foundation of understanding trauma events, triggers and reaction behaviors, and relational signals, we step through a journey of hope. We start with Gratitude to give us a recognition of what we’ve been given in this life. We move to Forgiveness, so that we are no longer haunted by the misplaced blame of others for our own failings. Confession gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the hurt we’ve laid on others through our actions and failings. Self-Determination helps us take accountability and ownership of our direction and goals for our life. We end with Faith and Values to make sure that we have a springboard for the future based on an alignment between our beliefs, our actions, and our desires for a fulfilled life.

The Buck(et) stops HERE!

In this light-hearted, yet impactful, mini-course, we recognize the 4 primary ways the people handle everyday stresses and tension, including the signs and symptoms that indicate some potentially deeper issues in our psyche. This helps us recognize them in ourselves and others, which allows us to build stronger relationships through grace and patience. But even more so, the sessions give practical methods of seeing through our own mishandlings and work to effectively eliminate the failures and pains that come from our mismanaged stress.

The Bucket of No's

The 7 Daily Builds Personal

There are tons, literally TONS, of personal development and life success theories out there

But that’s what most of them are – theories! What we really need is a guide – a daily, practical guide – for what we should be doing if we really want to enact improvement and bring more fulfillment to our lives. The 7 Daily Builds is just that guide! This mini-course teaches the psychology and health behind working each day in 7 specific areas of our lives. And then we follow that up by giving practical examples and suggestions for what actions you should be taking in each of those areas. After the foundation is built, we then teach you the skill of ‘Getting Stuff Done’! We call it Executing Successful Strategies, and it is probably the second most important skill you will ever learn (after, of course, successfully and healthily handling negative trauma events – hint, hint insert The 5 Letters course here! 😉). If you are interested in learning the very best way to use daily habits and actions to build success, in relationships, career, business, and health, into your lifestyle. This is the course where you start developing that skill